The Art of Client Communication as a Wedding Photographer

Being a business owner in the wedding industry for quite some time now, I’ve learned a lot about client communication. In my opinion, a lot of times the way you communicate with your clients is the GLUE that holds your business together. Bad communication = really upset clients. 

And if you’re a business owner in the wedding industry, I’m sure you can relate to that.

So I wanted to share a little insight as to what works best for me when it comes to clients communication (and what could work for you too). 

Today, I want to share a few insights into the often overlooked, yet vital aspect of our craft – client communication.

1. Be Yourself, Not a Robot:

In a world filled with automated responses and generic templates (yuck), I’ve found that breaking free from the robotic emails can make a huge difference. People want to know WHO is behind the lens, the person capturing their most intimate moments. So, why not let a bit of your personality shine through in your emails? You can be professional while still being fun and personable. After all, we’re not just photographers; we’re humans too!

When you receive an inquiry, take the time to put together a response that reflects your genuine self. Share a bit about your journey, your passion for photography, don’t be afraid to share your personality with them. Let them see the real person behind the camera. This not only establishes a connection but sets the tone for a really fun & enjoyable experience.

2. Invest in Their Journey:

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the engagement session and the wedding day itself, but true client satisfaction goes beyond the big stuff. Actively engage with the couple throughout the months leading up to their special day. Show genuine interest in their wedding plans, offer advice if needed, and be a reassuring presence. This level of investment builds trust and transforms clients into long-term friends (who will use you as their photographer over & over again).

Don’t be the photographer who only shows up for their shoot, sends the gallery & never communicates with them again. Send them a message on their engagement anniversary, check in on how the planning is going, and offer your support. The more invested you are, the more likely you are to create not just clients but loyal people who will sing your praises and recommend you to friends and family.

Did you know 60% of clients look elsewhere when you take longer than 24 hours to reply to their inquiry?

3. Transparent Communication on Deliverables:

One of the biggest problems in our industry is leaving clients in the dark about when they can expect their photos back. Take it from me and avoid the anxiety and uncertainty by keeping your clients up to date. As a rule of thumb, communicate the expected delivery date of their photo gallery and any potential delays well in advance.

Don’t hold out on giving sneak peeks, send those babies as soon as you can! Your clients will appreciate your quick turn around.

And if there are unforeseen delays, be transparent and explain the reasons. Clients appreciate honesty, and this level of transparency not only manages expectations but also showcases your commitment to deliver your BEST. 

Being a wedding photographer is not just about capturing pretty photos; it’s about creating an unforgettable experience for your clients. By showing your personality into your communication, staying invested in their journey, and providing transparent updates, you’re not just a service provider – you’re a storyteller and a friend.

Here’s to creating lasting memories and being the photographer who not only captures moments but also makes them unforgettable. Client communication is the top factor you need to prioritize as a business owner. You’ve got this!

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